Premium Stall Bedding Product Information
Product Information
Premium Stall Bedding
Feather soft comfort bedding!
Premium Stall Bedding

If the rising cost of shavings and manure removal have you looking at alternative means of bedding...Premium Stall Bedding is your answer!

With Premium Stall's treated rice hulls, urine odors are reduced. A comfortable and inviting abode for your animal will affect its health in these ways:

The soft bedding of Rice Hulls will entice your horse to lie down completely on its side for a deeper sleep experience that not only contributes to health mentally but also physically by preventing hock sores, bacterial and fungal infections.

Hoof health will greatly improve, and farriers will find a noticeable difference that will affect their level of maintenance and care.

Physiotherapists have reported that horses on Rice Hull Bedding require fewer adjustments than those on a more traditional or alternative bedding.

Availability and Ease of Use = Lower Costs!

With rice production exceeding more than 100 million tons per year, what could be a more natural and renewable resource than rice hulls?

Premium Stall Bedding's unique, patented process promotes absorbency and reduces ammonia odors, dust, allergen, and fungal activity with its safe, organic properties.

These features play a major role in reducing your costs in several ways:

Unlike wood or other shavings, the hulls easily slip right through the rake and remain in the stall.

Despite the vast availability of rice produce, this significant waste reduction in the haul-off pile can reduce a facilities’ muck by 70 percent. That is a huge savings!

Premium Stall Bedding Rice Hulls are laboratory tested and proven to be noncombustible and non-smoldering, reducing the risk to your animals.


- Lasts weeks longer making it more economical
- Dustless
- Naturally anti-bacterial, flame retardant and mold resistant
- Keeps horse dryer, feet stay dryer
- Deep bedded
- No more hock sores
- Easier to clean, lighter fork full, rice hulls sift out of the fork back into the bed, less waste
- Consistent quality
- All natural & Earth Friendly
- Recyclable by using discarded rice hulls as footing in your round pen, arena or hotwalker.  If Rice Hulls     get rained on,  they will dry out again, and keep mud at bay.


Our bags are approximately 50 pounds.  Twice as big as most shavings bags.  It takes approximately 6-8 bags of rice hull  stall bedding to fill a 12 x 12 stall 4"-6" deep, (2.6 cubic yards to fill) which is the optimum level to allow urine filtration to the bottom of the bed, with the top rice hulls remaining dry and clean.

12 x 16 stall takes 11 bags to initially fill and 1- 1 1/2 bag added per week.
16 x 16 stall takes 14 bags to initially fill and 1-1 1/2 bag added per week.

Rice hulls will last longer in open air stalls with good ventilation.  With open air stalls, maintenance is reduced significantly.  Rice hull bedding can be installed over rubber mats or uneven raw ground.  Usage varies horse to horse.  If you have a very heavy wetter, a small amount of pellet wood bedding product can be put down first where the horse usually urinates.  This will provide additional absorption for heavy wetter's.

The first time you put your horse in the stall, they may take a couple of bites of the bedding, dropping the bedding out of their mouth.  If they continue past a couple of minutes, give them a bite to eat to keep their mind off of the bed.  Don't worry if they take a few bites.  Rice bran is made from the hulls and in fact has been fed to animals to improve their coat.

Remove all old bedding from the stall.  Add rice hulls to stall to a depth of 4"-6" deep.  For mini's or small animals adjust down accordingly. 

Remove manure with a manure fork/rake.  A Mini-Tine Fork or Fine Tine Fork has its tines closer together removing the smaller pieces of manure better than a conventional fork. 

As you sift the manure out of the bed, the rice hulls fall through the rake and back into the bed.  Your manure pile will be JUST manure, reducing your haul off costs.  Level the bed between cleanings keeping the depth at about 4-6".  Scrimping on the levels inhibits the effectiveness of the rice hulls.  Keep the bed full, as volume is what makes this product work so well.  The more you put into the bed and keep into it, the less you will actually have to add as maintenance weekly. 

DO NOT remove or disturb the urine spot until it starts to show near the top.  When it is time, 4 - 7 days with a fully stalled horse, pull back the dry rice hulls, exposing the wet area and its boundaries.  REMOVE WET RICE HULLS at the bottom with a flat shovel.  Push existing rice hulls over the cleared area, level bed and add rice hulls as you see fit to keep your levels at about 4-6".  No need to throw wet rice hulls away... put wet rice hulls in your round pen, hot walker track, arena or a dusty corral.  Rice hulls keep the ground from compacting, and keeps the dust down.  It's even great in flower beds as mulch.  Used rice hulls actually hold more nitrogen longer than traditional shavings, making a better compost.

ATTENTION ...Money Saving Tip
Lab reports show our bedding to be NON-COMBUSTABLE and NON-SMOLDERING. 
How will that affect your home owners insurance?

Premium Rice Hall

• Reduces Odors
• Stays Dry
• Dust Free
• Non-Allergen
• Longer Lasting
• Less Waste
• Saves Money
• Non-Smoldering
• Noncombustible
Safe for all Livestock
Domestic Animals!
1 - 50 Lbs. Bag                        650 Lbs. of Bagged
   Rice Hulls                                       Rice Hulls